Organizing You: The Handbooks Now Available — Complete Collection!

Organizing You: The Handbooks is now available in print and e-book editions! This is the complete collection of Shannon Upton’s practical handbooks.

Chaos and clutter steal your time, your attention, and most importantly, your peace. In this unique collection of practical resources, Christian organizing coach Shannon Upton will empower you with proven strategies to redeem your time, reclaim your home, and restore your peace.

This collection of handbooks tackles four powerful issues that will reshape the life of every Christian woman: wardrobe, hospitality, holidays, and goal setting. Shannon’s unique approach won’t burden you with extra rules, but will give you the tools to put your heart in order, so that you can connect more meaningfully with your family and with Jesus.

In Organizing for a Wonderful Wardrobe, Shannon shares how to clear the clutter out of your closet and heart in order to shine as a daughter of God. Organizing for Christian Hospitality is your guide to hosting fabulously fun and Christ-centered parties while inviting Him to attend. Organizing for Joyful Holidays will help you truly enjoy Christmas and every other holiday you celebrate while keeping them centered on Christ. And Organizing for a New Year is a goal-setting and habit-forming workbook to help you prayerfully kick off a new season—one that might start today.

Armed with the tools to succeed, you’ll soon be ready to clear out your spiritual clutter and live in the abundance of Christ!

Organizing You: The Handbooks includes the full content, as well as updated discussion guides, for all four previously published Organizing You handbooks.

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