Close to Shining by Carolyn Bell Young Hisel Now Available

We are pleased to present Close to Shining by Carolyn Bell Young Hisel to the world. Find it on Amazon here.

This book is published posthumously. The author’s friends, Dianne Bellis and Katherine Toran, approached us for its publication, and we are thrilled to bring this book to the world.

Jake carries a dark secret into a tiny Appalachian town on a Greyhound bus. It pulses inside of his chest, always threatening to spill out.

Something draws him to this town. Maybe it’s a sofa in a rundown trailer, maybe it’s a distant relative—the only one who ever loved him for more than a welfare check.

Is he running, hiding, or starting over?

One thing Jake learns fast enough—your demons will always find you.

This book is Christian fiction like you’ve not seen it before. It is unmistakably redemptive, but unafraid to explore the darker parts of our world. This book will make you ask hard questions of your faith and see the light through it all.

Close to Shining is available in paperback or for the Amazon Kindle. Kindle Unlimited users can read for free for a limited time.

Please check out this amazing book, and please leave an honest review with your favorite book retailer or on Goodreads.