Aaron Behr

The Husband by Aaron BehrLoser. Thug. Abuser. Stupid. Worthless. 

Insults play on repeat in The Husband’s brain. He has been bullied and abused. An affair by The Wife, the one person The Husband loved the most, leaves him standing in a dark basement with a homemade noose around his neck.

As The Husband struggles silently through the anguish of betrayal and divorce, he turns inward to face a host of past tormentors, and confront The Creator. One way or another, The Boy inside him will stop the pain.

This raw, redemptive memoir was released to all major markets on January 23, 2018 in hardcover, paperback and e-book editions. Click your favorite retailer link to order:

About the Author

Aaron Daniel Behr is a regular guy who enjoys weight lifting and his work as a nutritional counselor.

He has been broken, pieced back together, stitched up, and has lost his identity a few times. Along the way he connected with literature and writing. He is passionate about the transformative power of reading, and prays it will never lose a place in our world.

His short stories can be found alongside the work of other great writers in the anthologies Triskaidekan and For the Road.

Follow him on Facebook and Twitter @aarondanielbehr and visit his website: AaronDanielBehr.com.

Aaron currently lives in Mount Vernon, Ohio.