Proud to publish the winner of The Great Novel Contest

Columbus Press is proud to work with Columbus Creative Cooperative to offer the prize for their novel contest, The Great Novel Contest.

While Columbus Press does accept unsolicited submissions on a limited basis, your realistic odds of securing a publishing contract with us are much higher through this contest.

The contest will be judged by Harvey Klinger, of the Harvey Klinger Literary Agency in New York City.

We will negotiate a publishing contract with the winner of the contest.  But the winner may also choose a $1,000 prize in lieu of the publishing contract, if, for any reason, he or she finds the terms disagreeable (or would simply prefer the $1,000).

We plan to initially invest a total of $5,000 to $10,000 into the winning manuscript to produce and distribute the book.  The specific budget will be established once the genre, length and marketability are determined.

We’re proud to allow Columbus Creative Cooperative and Harvey Klinger to choose a fantastic manuscript for our publishing house.

Get all of the details about The Great Novel Contest here:  The contest runs through January 31, 2013.

Please contact Columbus Creative Cooperative with questions.