Organizing for a New Year Now Available on Amazon

We’re pleased to introduce a new title from Shannon Upton. Organizing for Joyful Holidays is now available from!

Organizing for a New YearWhat if real goals aren’t about getting stuff done, but about being who God made us to be?

What if a checkmark on a list is less important than an obedient heart?

Christian author, speaker, and coach Shannon Upton is ready to help you take a prayerful look at your next year. Organizing for a New Year is a guide for goal setting featuring pertinent scriptures, insightful questions, and short written prayers to help center your heart on seeking God’s will. With this handbook, you’ll discern who God created you to be, contemplate what He desires for you, and discover what intentional actions you can take to fulfill His plan for your life.

This handbook-length resource is available exclusively from Amazon. Members of Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited Service can also read the book for free with their subscription.

Find it on Amazon here.

Shannon UptonShannon Upton helps women use a little organization to clear out their spiritual clutter so they can grow closer to their families and the Lord.

Shannon is the author of five titles, all released by Columbus Press.  Her books have helped thousands of women to organize their lives and draw closer to Jesus.

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