Shannon Upton

Organizing You

Organizing You by Shannon UptonWhether you embrace structure or cherish flexibility, learn how to use organization as a tool to clear out the clutter that really matters: the clutter in your spirit. Shannon Upton’s unique blend of organizational techniques, relatable personal stories, and scripture will help you to live out your faith as you run your home. Shannon joyfully shares practical, manageable ways for you to make your household function more smoothly as you grow closer to Jesus in a real way!

This 2016 second edition has been an inspiration and encouragement for thousands of individuals.  It is available from on all major markets in paperback and digital formats.

Building Your House

Building Your House by Shannon UptonClear out your spiritual clutter as you organize your home!
Christian speaker, blogger, and author Shannon Upton is back to help you build your house with Jesus as the perfect cornerstone. Through her conversational style, fun anecdotes, and step-by-step guides, you’ll learn how to establish the perfect amount of structure for you and your family. You’ll find concrete ideas with a strong foundation in scripture, giving you the tools you need to joyfully tackle your belongings, routines, and family.

This 2015 release is the follow up to Shannon Upton’s first book, Organizing You.  It is available in paperback and digital formats.

Organizing for a Wonderful Wardrobe

Organizing for a  Wonderful Wardrobe by Shannon UptonAre you overwhelmed by the clothes in your closet, yet underwhelmed by your outfits?

Worries, negative thoughts, and insecurities about our wardrobe distract us from the joy of living life with Christ. Christian organizer Shannon Upton is ready to help you clear the clothing clutter out of your wardrobe and the spiritual clutter out of your heart. Shannon weaves together scripture, personal stories, and effective organizational tips that will encourage you to clear out, fill out, and lay out your wardrobe in the light of Jesus.

Organizing for a Wonderful Wardrobe is the perfect guide for any woman who wants to feel like a beautiful daughter of God each and every day.

This handbook is only available on Amazon. Subscribers to Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited service can read them with their subscription!

Organizing for Christian Hospitality

Organizing for Christian HospitalityNo matter how organized our homes are (or aren’t) we all harbor spiritual clutter that keeps us from hosting others. We consider inviting someone over, then dismiss the idea. We shy away from opportunities to host events. We think Christian hospitality is fine for other people, just not for us.

Shannon Upton is here to help you clear the worry and anxiety that’s preventing you from welcoming guests and enjoying get-togethers. Shannon uses scripture, personal anecdotes, and concrete organizational tips to encourage you to relax your spirit and open your door.

This handbook is only available on Amazon. Subscribers to Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited service can read them with their subscription!

About the Author

Shannon UptonShannon is a Christian speaker, author, and blogger. She helps women use a little organization to clear out their spiritual clutter so they can grow closer to their families and their Lord.

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