Kelly Hanes

Random God Sightings

You hunger to experience God. Just like Kelly Hanes did—until she discovered a way to ask, a way to look, and she began to see God show up in the most unexpected places.

With her eyes and heart wide open, Kelly beautifully recorded twenty-six true encounters with God. These poignant, down-to-earth vignettes reveal a God who yearns to show up in our lives—in our homes, in our classrooms, in our cars, in the park.

God is at work all around us. He is real and accessible. He is working through random people, believers and non-believers alike—Kelly will show you how to look.

This beautiful, inspiring work of God’s truth in the world will be released to major markets on June 20, 2019 in paperback and e-book editions. Check back soon and follow Columbus Press on Facebook for retailer links.

About the Author

Kelly Hanes Author

Born and raised in small town Ohio and shaped by big-city Houston, Kelly Hanes enjoys running on the greenbelt trails with her boxer Sophia, binge-watching Netflix series and saying “yes” to experiences that make her introvert-self gasp.

She has a BA in English with a focus on creative writing from the University of Houston and received the Outstanding Thesis for 2011 Award from The Honors College for her thesis, “Wordsworth and The Religious Experience.”

Kelly blogs at, where she writes about the inspiration we can find in our everyday lives.

Follow her on Facebook and Instagram @authorkellyhanes.