Carolyn Bell Young Hisel

Close to Shining by Carolyn Bell Young HiselJake carries a dark secret into a tiny Appalachian town on a Greyhound bus. It pulses inside of his chest, always threatening to spill out.

Something draws him to this town. Maybe it’s a sofa in a rundown trailer, maybe it’s a distant relative—the only one who ever loved him for more than a welfare check.

Is he running, hiding, or starting over?

One thing Jake learns fast enough—your demons will always find you.

This genre-defiant work of literary fiction was released to all major markets on October 29, 2021 in paperback and e-book editions. Order Close to Shining on Amazon

About the Author

Carolyn Bell Young HiselCarolyn Bell Young Hisel was an acclaimed Kentucky artist.

Published after her death, Close to Shining is her final artistic gift to the world.

This work was revised posthumously by Brad Pauquette, who endeavored to preserve the author’s intent for the work in the final revisions.