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Sejal by Brad PauquetteIn a single day, a world will change forever. Sejal, a teenager living in a remote village in rural India, fetches water. It is her primary occupation and duty to her family. Her day will begin like all of the ones before it. But it will end like none she’s ever experienced. Based on actual events, Sejal: The Walk for Water explores the water crisis in India through the eyes of the people the shortage affects the most.

This 2014 release was written to combat the water crisis faced daily by more than one billion humans. It is available in paperback and digital formats.

The Self-Publishing HandbookWhen it comes to self-publishing your book, there are some corners you can cut, and some you can’t. The Self-Publishing Handbook is a compact guide to producing an excellent book. With these instructions you will eliminate the fluff and waste of traditional publishers but retain the time-tested processes that produce great books.

The traditional publishing industry universally agrees on five steps every published book must undergo to improve quality and profitability. As a self-publisher, you can replicate these five key steps to produce a top-quality book that will compete with its traditionally published counterparts.

This manual includes helpful tips for hiring professionals to assist with your book production, as well as insight and common sense rules for the do-it-yourself self-publisher. Armed with this information, you’ll be in a position to distinguish worthwhile professional services from scams.

You can produce a fantastic book. If you follow these proven strategies, you’ll save money, increase your profits, and no one will believe your book is self-published.

This resource was first published in 2014, and is available in paperback and digital formats.

About the Author

Brad PauquetteBrad Pauquette lives on a small all-natural farm in Zanesville, Ohio with his beautiful wife and four children.

Brad is a publishing industry veteran, and has consulted at every level of the industry. In addition to founding Columbus Press, he is the CEO of Columbus Publishing Lab, and their Boyle & Dalton imprint, as well as the founder of Columbus Creative Cooperative. Brad believes that publishing is an important tool, and is committed to helping authors of all skill and experience levels achieve the best results for their projects, whether self-publishing or pursuing a more traditional path.

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