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Hagridden Midwest Book Tour

Samuel Snoek-BrownWe are very excited to welcome Samuel Snoek-Brown, author of Hagridden, to Columbus for the next week.  We’ll be producing a lot of fantastic events over the next few days, and partnering with organizations and venues around the Midwest.

Samuel Snoek-Brown, who resides in Portland, talked to hundreds of excited readers at events through Texas and the southwest last month.  We’re proud to extend the tour to our Ohio readers, and to follow it up with more events in the Pacific Northwest later in the fall.

You can find the complete Hagridden book tour here.

Here are a few events that we’d like to highlight:

September 19 – Columbus Creative Cooperative hosts Sam for a Q&A session (Columbus, Ohio)
September 20 – Rougarou: Journey to the End of the Night (Columbus, Ohio)
September 25 – Folk & Fiction (Cincinnati, Ohio)

This is just a sampling of what we’ll be doing, in addition to writers’ workshops at universities and libraries in Ohio and Indiana, among other events.  Find the complete schedule here.

Unless otherwise noted, all events are free and open to the public.

Hagridden Now Available!

WebSmall_Hagridden Hagridden by Samuel Snoek-Brown, the latest release from Columbus Press, is now available as a hardcover, paperback and e-book on all major markets.

Find complete links to buy the book at (click), or ask for it from your favorite retailer.

“What we do we do to survive and they ain’t no sin in that. But lust? Whoo girl, you got to look out for that they lust. Worst sin they is. Sinners what lusted after the flesh in this world, they turn to animals in the next. Crawl around on all fours rutting like dogs and the brimstone burning off they knees, the skin of they palms. Some say the rougarous is lusters coughed up from Hell to walk the earth.” – Hagridden

As the Civil War winds violently down, fears of the South’s uncertain future fuse with its unraveling traditions. Against the backdrop of this post-apocalyptic landscape, so littered with corpses and mythology and desperation, two women, stranded and alone in the Louisiana bayou, fight to survive.

This is a fantastic book, and it’s already receiving tremendous praise from critics, and excellent reviews on

Learn more about the book at, or find it on here.

Capital Offense Available in Paperback and Complete E-book

Capital Offense by Kurt Stevens is now available as a paperback from all major retailers, and as an e-book exclusively from  Grab the paperback from one of these fine retailers, or ask for it wherever you buy books:

Capital Offense on Amazon
Capital Offense on Barnes and Noble

Capital Offense was originally released as a web serial at  The complete text of the book will continue to be available for free online through February 5, 2014.

The e-book is available exclusively through through May 5, 2014, at which time the e-book will be released to all major digital retailers and be available for all devices.

Capital Offense Kurt Stevens

To learn more about Capital Offense, visit the book’s official website.

Capital Offense Part 2 (of 3) Now Available

PartII_Cover_smallCapital Offense: Part Two: Fight is now available for Amazon Kindle.  Find it here.

Capital Offense releases new chapters every weekday at  This action packed thriller will be released by traditional methods (print and e-book) on January 31, 2014.

Through the end of the month, you can catch the action for free at  For those that prefer the comfort and convenience of an e-reader, the e-book is now available from through Part II.

This e-book includes all of Part One: Flight as well as three bonus chapters from Part Three.

Catch up today!  Grab the Kindle book here.

Capital Offense Part One (of 3) Now Available for Amazon Kindle

Capital Offense Part One FlightPart One of Capital Offense is now available as an e-book for your Kindle.

Find the e-book on here.

Capital Offense by Kurt Stevens is released for free online in daily installments at  The first third of the complete novel has been released online.  Now is a great time to catch up, before the action resumes next Monday.

The Kindle version is available for those who prefer the comfort of reading on a paper-like e-book device.

Capital Offense is a fast-paced crime thriller.  Check it out at


PR: Capital Offense Entertains 1,000+ Readers in First Week


COLUMBUS—September 16th, 2013—Columbus Press may have an internet sensation on its hands.  The company released the first installment of Capital Offense, a Columbus-based serial novel, on September 2nd to a wide and growing audience.  The site——reached well over 1,000 viewers in its first week.  And the number is projected to grow.  A new 500-1,000 word segment is posted weekday mornings to keep readers coming back for more.

The first-person narrative begins when Kurt Stevens, the executioner for the state of Ohio, discovers his wife Tonya dead in their bathtub.  Kurt is driven from his Hilliard home as the cops comb the crime scene, convinced that it was not a suicide.  When he arrives at the London Correctional Institute for a scheduled execution, he receives a mysterious phone call from the land line in the booth.  As the suspicion around him grows, Kurt is forced to find a way out of the prison without being seen—and find his wife’s killer without being found.

Readers are also finding exclusive content—including clues, photos and video—through the novel’s many social media outlets on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Goodreads.  Capital Offense will be posted online through January 31st, when it will also be released in traditional formats.

For more information or to request interviews, contact:

Columbus Press
PO Box 91028
Columbus, OH 43209

Capital Offense Web Serial Launched

We are proud to announce the launch of a first-of-its-kind web serial.  The first installment of Capital Offense by Kurt Stevens hit the web at this morning, September 2, 2013.

The entire novel will be presented free-of-charge on the web in daily installments through January 31, 2014.  Upon completion of the serial web release, the book will be distributed through traditional channels, both print and e-book and will be available from most major retailers.

We believe that its time for the publishing industry to dramatically change its operating model.  E-books are a small capitulation to the vast opportunities the digital world has to offer us.  We’re happy to take the risk and to experiment with new release models that bring the content closer to where readers want to engage with media.

Please support us in this endeavor, and don’t miss a beat of the action at

CEO Brad Pauquette to Address Ohio Writer’s Guild

Brad Pauquette, CEO of Columbus Press, will address the Ohio Writers’ Guild on June 19, 2013 beginning at 1:00p.m. at the Cultural Arts Center.  The meeting is free and open to the public.  All are encouraged to attend.

Brad Pauquette will discuss Columbus Press as well as the state of the publishing industry, both nationally and in Ohio.