Teen Consultant Program – Conduct Market Research

We are searching for qualified teen consultants, thirteen and fourteen years old, to help us measure the market response to Graham’s Charlotte, a young adult novel we’re releasing on April 17, 2014.

It’s simple, if you’re accepted to our teen consultant program, we’ll send you a free pre-release book for you to read. Once the book is released to the public, we’ll ask you to share some news about the book on the social networks that you already use. We want to know how your friends respond. Which networks are the most effective? What’s the best way to share news?

Your insight will help us to spread the word about this great new book, and you’ll be in on the ground floor as part of our marketing team.

To thank you for your valuable market research, we’ll send you a $10 gift card for Amazon.com.

How It Works

  1. You fill out this application and send it to us. We have a limited number of consultant positions available, but we’ll let you know right away whether you’ve been selected.
  2. We send you a free, pre-release book. You can have a paperback book, or a copy that you can read on your e-reader or phone, it’s your choice. You read the book.
  3. When the book is released to the public, we’ll send you some instructions. You’ll share the book news with your friends in a few different ways, and then you’ll answer a few simple questions about if and how your friends responded.
  4. When we receive your answers back, we’ll send you a $10 Amazon.com gift card!

It doesn’t take long to be a teen consultant. The longest part will be reading the book. But it’s a great book, so you’ll fly right through it. Conducting and reporting your research will take about 30 minutes each day, on three separate days.

Ready to Apply?

Apply Now

Who’s Eligible?

Applicants must be thirteen or fourteen years old and live in the continental United States (sorry, no Hawaii or Alaska).

You must have access to email, and you must be a regular user of social media.

You must be able to proficiently read and speak English, and you must have your parent’s permission to participate.

How Do We Choose?

Don’t worry, it’s not hard to be a teen consultant. You don’t need to have a long resume. We want consultants from lots of different schools and regions of the United States. We need consultants who regularly use social media.

So apply today. If you use social media and we don’t already have too many consultants from your area, you’ve got a great chance of being chosen.

We do have a limited number of teen consultant positions available. So don’t wait to apply.