Mission & Philosophy

The mission of Columbus Press is to produce top-quality books for sale at a national level.

Columbus Press actively seeks first-time and mid-level authors with exceptional work.

We are not a self-publishing agency, a vanity publisher, an exclusively e-book publisher or a print-on-demand operation. We are a mid-budget independent publisher looking to produce exceptional books written by first-time and mid-level writers.


We believe that a book’s greatest asset is its writer. We work closely with our authors to ensure that the final product, everything from the book design to the marketing plan, is consistent with their expectations for the project. In return, we expect our authors to be highly involved in the marketing of the book.

Book publishing is a quickly evolving industry, and Columbus Press’s business model facilitates rapid adaptation.

Nearly all of our professional team members are independent contractors, and their pay is tied directly to the sales of the books on which they work. This allows us to quickly select the best creative team members for each project, and to demand the highest caliber of work. We don’t just give the cover design to Steve in the back office because we’re already paying him an annual salary, we choose the best candidate from our extensive list of qualified professionals, with the understanding that the better the book sells, the more they’ll be paid. This relationship ensures that our contractors are well-paid, with tangible incentives for success, and keeps our overhead low, so that we have more liquid capital to invest into the marketing and distribution of our titles.

We are actively seeking first-time and mid-level authors with exceptional work for publication. We are primarily seeking entertaining non-genre fiction, but also regularly review young adult fiction, science fiction, fantasy, compiled anthologies (multiple authors), short story collections (single author), memoirs and narrative non-fiction.