Mission & Philosophy

The mission of Columbus Press is to produce top-quality books for sale at a national level. We actively seek new and established authors with exceptional work. Our goal is to facilitate a passionate community of writers and readers who value the unique stories we believe only our titles can tell.

We are not a self-publishing agency, a vanity publisher, or an author mill. We are a mid-budget independent publisher looking to produce exceptional books.


We believe that a book’s greatest asset is its writer. We work closely with our authors to ensure that the final product, everything from the book design to the marketing plan, is consistent with their expectations for the project. In return, we expect our authors to be highly involved in the marketing of the book and supportive of the communities forged by Columbus Press.

Book publishing is a quickly evolving industry, and Columbus Press’s business model facilitates rapid adaptation.

We are actively seeking first-time and mid-level authors who understand their craft and respect the mechanics of the writing and publishing process. Present something we have not read before. Subvert the expectations of the reader without keeping them in the dark or alienating them. Flip genres on their heads, break boundaries, and do it better than anyone. Our titles represent writer’s whose story crafting can be done by no one else but them. We are primarily seeking entertaining non-genre fiction, but also regularly review young adult fiction, science fiction, fantasy, compiled anthologies (multiple authors), short story collections (single author), memoirs and narrative non-fiction.